Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Guess You Can Grow It In A Pot

A mini-watermelon, grown from seed bought in a packet at the hardware store. I can't remember what type, but it grew in a bin, waiting being transplanted into the ground...a day which never came. I don't recommend treating plants that way, but hey, it still bore several small fruits! We thought this one was a loss because there was a large hole from something eating or gouging the side, but when I cut into it, it had never penetrated to the interior.

One fruit is just big enough for a single portion. Or if you're really in love with your husband and don't mind sharing, two portions ;-)

The taste test will be tonight after it's finished chilling. I wanted to make sure it was fine on the inside, with no unexpected visitors (after inspecting the hole in the side). Looks great...can't wait to try it!
I like the idea of the mini melons. I think we'll have to keep them on the menu for next year's garden...with less neglect :)


Sue said...

Robbyn, your watermelon looks so good! And you are sweet to share. You are sharing, aren't you????

warren said...


Oh yeah...sweet!

Robbyn said...

Sue, help yourself (I can tell you we'll have to grow more...this little guy didn't last long!) :)

Warren...it was deLISH!! And now to try to remember what kind it was (doh! that garden notebook is where, exactly??)

jack-of-all-thumbs said...

The larger take home point from your post, is that even in all our imperfect and half-completed efforts in the garden, we can still reap benefits that few of our peers know.

A tip of the hat to your hard work and your pot-bound melon!