Friday, July 6, 2007

Well, Foo...

(I wanted to use other expletives, hmmm)

As I've been putting in 8 and 12 hour days at work plus the two driving hours per day, it's been raining. I've been delighted for my little garden o' pots. The eggplants no longer look dainty, but bold and umbrella-like. The basil is a forest. The peppers are reaching for the sky. And the tomatoes are....

being devoured overnight by armies of stink bugs.


There are little aliens all over ALL my tomatoes, and give the fact that for the past few days I've peeked out the window and waved at the garden through the rain rather than been hands-on, the little opportunists have devastated what should be the fullness of the tomato bounty. There are big fat tomato-sucking adults and legions of swarming (ugh!!) junior wannabees. And they've set up deluxe condominiums amidst my nearly 5 foot plants. One or two, and I'd be flicking and pinching. THESE just grossed me out. They are ALL OVER.

Did I mention UGH?

The tomatoes are showing the stress and all the present fruits are ruined. I'm not sure what to do since they cover everything (the bugs do, that is). Not sure if I should sacrifice the vines and pull them out and bag them up (don't think we can do a burn right now) or if there is a sure fix I can mix up organically to apply at this advanced stage. I'm not even sure what lesson I'm supposed to learn from this, meaning I'm not sure if I did something wrong that invited them...or if it's just one of the vagaries of growing veggies in Florida.

Any advice is appreciated.

I keep thinking maybe if I had chickens, they'd appreciate the bugs, but then again, not sure if anything would ENJOY something with the first name Stink.

Looks like I'd better search out a good farmer's market ASAP if good salads are to continue.


:) (Still smiling, tho....this is all part of the learning process!)

Now it's time for bed (yep, it's 5:30 pm...I was up and at work at 3 AM for a 12 hour shift, so the old gray mare is retiring for the night...) whilst the rest of the world barbecues... and while the stink bugs continue their tomato glut buffet.

Blog closed for the next 24 ....shabbat shalom, all :)

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Phelan said...

You'll need to squash them by hand now. Chickens would eat your fruit as well. You have to put them out before your plants begin to flower. There is a natural bactiria spray that you can buy, but I don't know if it works for stinkbugs. Sorry.