Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Job Ate My Homework


Just got a nice comment from Willa who has been so busy at her new job which leaves her very little time for relaxation. I'm relating!

The training has commenced. There is so much to be learned, soaked up, plunged into, and drowned in that I am wondering if I've been operating all these years with the mental capacity of a hamster. A remedial one at that.

First have come the codes memorization, the indoctrination, and the multi-layered computer programs and screens. And the deadlines. First day was test one. Second day was test two. The past two tests three and four were back to back the past two days, with columns of numbers to be memorized, each number the code for a particular event.

My brain is numb, and were this a job I wanted less, I'd have found some honorable way to back out of it well before now. But despite the confusion and cramming stage I'm currently in, I DO want to do this and I'd surely like to see if the old girl has it in her....CAN I do it?

Answer: I'll give it the ol' college try...I'll never know unless I do! :) Next up, a column of ten-codes used in dispatch, and two to go next week. And having to remember the 100 signal codes I've already learned.

I pray daily!!! Miracles have happened all along the way, so forward, ho! (and I'm SO grateful to the Almighty for helping me...especially in the sleep and memory departments)

I worked 8 days the first stretch of training, then had 3 days off. Now we're on an alternating 8 and 12 hour day schedule, for the time being. The 12 was yesterday, so this 8 hour day felt like a piece of cake.

On my days "off," it was the only time I had to study for the tests for this week, or at least the first two. (I'm studying for the third now cold turkey). But it was so nice to be home....HOME...much of that time off, and I'm a bit homesick to be home. It's a season right now for what's at hand, and it's exciting. But I was reminded WHY we're doing it all this particular way. We actually got a call from a lady who received one of J's mailing letters about doing a land swap, and though it didnt work out (she gave us another lead, though), it fuels the fire of continuing to follow leads and making a way towards our own place in the country.

Gotta scoot now and leave the blog undone so that my homework won't be. This is my progress journal, and the past tests met with high scores (thank you God for helping me!). I'm praying for success for the upcoming ones, especially the next one.

I'm really valuing the time I DO have at home when I finally get to see my husband and daughter each day/night. And I'm seeing daily how fragile life really is, and am coming home and really SEEING what matters most to me.

There's little time for anything else during this phase. It's a marathon, and I'm out of shape, but still chugging along! With this schedule and the 70 mile roundtrip commute each day, I've been lucky to get 4 or 5 hours of sleep most days.

I'd love to sit here and dig into that promised but neglected Pollinator project, but it'll have to keep a while longer. I only have enough time to water the plants, harvest them, and eat some great salad.

And catch up on that elusive thing called sleep...

It's raining here.....hope you're all getting some!

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