Monday, June 4, 2007


THANK YOU, GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







I just found out...after such a long, long wait! And some other parttime jobs that I didn't love so much, but were necessary. Oh, man, I'm SO grateful!!

Each step was a door opened, and could have been just as easily closed. I credit God with giving me the opportunity and keeping the doors open He really wanted me to continue through. Without giving any detail as to all the steps involved, I see this as an amazing gift from Him for so many reasons. It will REALLY help us right now, and hopefully be an accelerator towards many of our longer term goals, including our debt retirement and land acquisition someday.

Reallllyyyyyyyyy thanking God for ALL the miracles He's done ... WOW, and Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Now to buckle down and make it through the training process...) :)

Does anyone want to venture a guess as to what sort of job it is? I don't think I mentioned that because I didn't want to get my hopes up too much (that might not make sense, but it was all part of holding my breath and hoping).

A hint: I have to memorize 250 codes and the training lasts for the first three months. And the application/testing process just finished up after 7 months!

OH MY GOSH, I'm SO happy!!!!!

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