Monday, October 28, 2013

I Need Your Suggestions About This Website

It's that time again.  I'm feeling the need to purge and organize and overhaul this website.

I'd LOVE your input.  Should I take down the blogroll? It's been up there, obviously, since 2007 and is longgggg. 

You guys are so good at websites yourself, are familiar with homesteading blogs and so on, and know what you like.

I still do not want to include ads on the page, even though I'm not averse to a wish list sidebar if it ever comes to that.

ANY ideas you have, just shoot them out here.  They will not hurt my feelings!  I might or might not use the suggestions, but I will definitely consider any and all of them.

Thank you in hit me with  your best shot  :-D


Sandy said...

I scan through my blog roll every couple of months, if a person I'm following hasn't commented and there's no reason why, I go ahead and remove them from my blog roll.

Like you, I don't advertise on my blog. If I support a company, I will place a comment within the blog.

Practical Parsimony said...

I did not go to the bottom of your blog list, but do you have any that have not posted in a year? Can you put some of the categories on a page of their own?