Thursday, March 21, 2013

Holding Our Breaths

...that there will be no more emergencies for a while.  I haven't been here at the computer enough to elaborate, but thankfully we're still standing (or, well, limping?) and I have hopes of a more thorough update very soon.  A few of the highlights would read along the lines of

Client emergencies, or prevention of near-emergencies

Leg and Knee injuries, both of us

Being unable to walk without a walker for a period of time for the first time in life

Missing a good bit of work

Worrying (while missing work) about missing work while simultaneously really enjoying the fact there was no choice about it, and repeat

Disappointment in not having nearby support network to help my family when we can't help ourselves as well as we'd like

Reluctance to unload frustrations on long distance friends due to my loathing of The Whine Factor, as I've usually already whined to Jack about such, ad nauseum


Inability to do projects and basic everyday things, thus getting "behinder" in the ever-growing To Do Since Way Back When list

Scheduling frustrations at work, miscommunications, oversensitivity on my part about perceived insensitivity on others' I just a worker bringing in numbers till I drop?  Probably not processing these thoughts accurately...not feeling the love but feeling I go the extra mile, and feeling the mileage at times

Feeling pressured and feeling unappreciated and feeling underpaid in various ways (though never by husband, he's been great)

Truck problems

The AAA driver who drove us and the tow truck 80 mph in a 55mph  two lane unlit country highway in the dead of night for a VERY LONG DRIVE, thus very nearly putting the "dead" in that particular phrase

$$$$ spent on truck problems

Time spent on truck problems

Having opposite work schedule as husband

Being a worthless lump of napping lethargy on my days off

TAXES OWED this year (!!!) despite careful planning throughout past year (!!!)

$$$ expenses sucking the wind out of my sails as I watch us put some things on credit cards that we worked SO HARD to pay off

I hate car rental companies

I hate mechanics who don't do the job right the first time and require return visits and...CAR RENTALS to get to work while machine is in the shop...AGAIN

I was in a car accident that wasn't just a car accident

It was traumatizing

I'm still getting over it

I'm not prepared physically (house cleaning and food, etc) for Passover, and it's almost here

I want a vacation

I'm having to exercise extreme diplomacy in a particular sphere of my daily life ALL THE TIME and it is sucking the air out of me!

I want to be living at the land NOW

Water system problems

Have I mentioned there are lunatics inserted periodically into these little vignettes we call life and they keep reappearing!

blahblahblahblah and now I have to get to bed.  Oh, I've been having really strange dreams, too, and premonitions, bleh

And THAT is why I hope to get here to write a more coherent post any day now :-)   And probably why I should NOT write until then!!

I hope your March has been a lot easier ...and clear headed...than ours has!

In all things, God has been so merciful to us, so very very kind and good.  I'll never have any complaints in that department!!  And Jack has been magnificent.  And my daughter is a joy.  I'm blessed beyond any reasonable doubt, and ever grateful.  SO GRATEFUL

 So off to bed to see if April will hurry up and get here, wheee...more about the land and the GOOD news amid all the yuck, in a future post.  Adios ~~

03/22/13 update from the next morning....water went out.  Well equipment replacement, $1,000.00.  Youch.  I feel like I just fell down a well...of debt.  That makes about $8K in the last few weeks, and our stash of carefully shepherded reserves is now "unreserved."  Feeling low, but grateful ever...thank you, God, for Your goodness in everything.  Thank you for my precious ones, without reserve.  Amen and now begins shabbat...shabbat shalom...


small farm girl said...

Goodness! You've had a bunch of set backs! Maybe that means your getting all of the bad stuff out of the way so that the good stuff can come from now on. lol :)

Robbyn said...

Sherri, thanks...YES!!! :-D Thank you for your encouragement!

Robbyn said...

Sherri, thanks...YES!!! :-D Thank you for your encouragement!