Monday, October 15, 2012

My Blender Broke

.....oh bother!  Bother the cheap brands made Not In The USA, the ones that break when you need them.

Here's something that made me laugh about Americans and our dependency on foreign-made gadgets and how attached we get to the latest "technology."  Well, by We I don't always mean Me.  I'm a throwback, the girl who makes things without much that is plugged in, at least till I got the Blender.  Here's the skit...

I'm not a gadget girl in the kitchen, and My Only Blender has taken up counter space in its alternating seasons of disuse, after its glory days of The Year of a Million Green Drinks.  A plastic lock-on part cracked in half and fell apart in my hands today after I'd soaked some Canary Seed to make Canary Seed Milk as recommended by a friend, thus continuing our streak of using ourselves as our own guinea pigs when it comes to concocting things with health benefits. So back to the old Stick Blender.

Someday we may get one of those fancy schmancy ones I dream about periodically, but honestly I think the old stick blender is going to do us just fine a bit longer.  And it's really easy to clean.

And speaking of kitchen gadgets, does anyone else have to rescue them from husbands who kidnap them for other uses??  My ONE kitchen knife that cuts about anything keeps getting taken outside for EVERYTHING my husband needs to cut, even moringa trunks!  But I guess as long as it keeps returning to the kitchen and being there when I need it, I'll hush ;-)

Time to go see if the stick blender is up to the task of whisking soaked canary seed.  Bet that's not listed under "uses" in the handbook, ha...

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Survival Gardener, AKA David the Good said...

Heh. Love it.

We picked up a tough used blender from a thrift store a few years ago... still running strong.