Monday, January 30, 2012

Thai Fish Sauce: A Quick Kosher Substitute

We're facing an already-picked stack of green papayas, and the clock is ticking...they were picked because of the freezes and now I need to use them...all!  As I don't have a pressure canner, I'm trying my hand at various green papaya recipes.

There seem to be some Asian recipes online that include green papaya.  Molly Wizenberg's recipe for Thai Green Papaya Salad did sound delicious, (there are different versions of this Thai dish, traditionally called Som Tam, all over the net).  However, I'll have to make it minus the shrimp and the bottled fish sauce.  I've been a reader of Molly's blog for a couple years now, and I trust that when she says her husband makes this and she's addicted to it, it's certainly worth a try.

In order to accomplish that, I need to find a kosher approximation of the fish sauce in order to make it.

A Mock Fish Sauce (and kosher!)
I found this 3-ingredient recipe online, and it's simplicity itself..anchovies, garlic, and soy sauce.  The reviews state that it's not got the truly authentic fish sauce taste, but that it's a satisfactory replacement. And for someone who just needs a way to present green papayas in a delicious meal form without a lot of fuss..and without's certainly worth a try.

I'll report back once I gather the ingredients and pull the dish together.  Anyone ever tried this?  Do you have any other uses for green papaya?

I'm a Tennessee transplant to Florida, so papaya is still new to me...  :)


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