Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spam Prose

Running together some subject lines in my current Junk Mail folder.

Spam Prose, Chapter One:

YOUR URGENT ATTENTION IS HIGHLY NEEDED. WITH TEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hey. LET'S BE NEW BUSINESS PARTNER!  Free ground shipping on orders over $75 PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL Gold bar/dust offer for sale From Princess Josephine.

You have one new alert Message from Mrs. Gladys Kala: Dear one,.. you're cold? these will warm you up...YOUR LIFE IS IN DANGER! CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON ATM CARD.

FROM THE DESK OF MRS SAMATA GAMBO. Hello, featured resource.  Where have you been, (no subject)? Reply Immediately WITH TEARS!!!!! Donation inquiry. Please read careffully (sic).  ASSIT SO I COULD FULFILL MY Hannukah overstock sale.  Switch to a 15 year fixed mortgage.

Not sure I understand the new genre, but obviously it's a tear-jerker...

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