Monday, October 4, 2010

Those Aussie Eyes

One of the coolest things about being an Australian Shepherd owner is that if you're HIS person, the primary person your dog is bonded to, you are The Chosen.

The eyes never leave you (except for the occasional treat or fleeing rabbit).  They watch your every move. 

Aussie eyes define the word Intense.  They are intently intense.

I've tried explaining to Kaleb that he can relax his vigil temporarily, like when I'm in the shower.  He is skeptical, and pretends to turn his back and not look.  But behind the door I see that one eye...making sure I'm still here.

There is one exception to The Stare.  It's when any opportunity presents itself for him to press his doggy torso as close as humanly (or caninely) possible to my person to cuddle on the couch, nap with his head on my foot if I'm reading or at the computer, or in any other way drape himself bodily over a spare square inch of me...a toe, a hand, his head stuck under my elbow.  Then the watch ends and the nap begins.  And sometimes his snoring.

Love love love our wonderful Kaleb!

Happy first year adoption anniversary, funny furball  :)


Mr. H. said...

He is a very handsome fellow to be sure.:)

Lilla said...

Kaleb is a very handsome boy!

Robbyn said...

Mike, thanks, we're smitten :)

Lilla, so great to hear from you!