Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kiss the Cook, But Don't Look in the Fridge

Just a reminder that for every kitchen success around here, there are usually a few or more disasters.

The Doorstops of Breadmaking Past.

The crunchy rice.

The curdled custard bases.

And so on...

For a senseless diatribe delving into the endless possibilities of future disasters, and the details of my most recent one...using only three ingredients!'s today's post over at NotDabblingInNormal if you care to drop in.

Inspiration for the determined masses who continue to burn water, but keep the dream alive ;-)


Jackie & Hershel said...

Don't feel bad, last weekend I made blackberry *spackle* .........

Melodie said...

MY son's polite way of telling me he doesn't like a new recipe is,
"Mom, don't save this recipe card."
I keep trying new things anyway!

Robbyn said...

Jackie...blackberry ANYthing, yum! :)

Melodie, daughter used to tell me she didn't understand why I wanted to try "all that foreign kind of food." And then I took her to eat Chinese, Japanese, and Mexican. She ended up liking them all so now I have to try to duplicate some of them at home...the fun never stops, eh? :)