Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dog Dreams

Hurry up, fence. I need to adopt my rescue dog. (Yes, YOU, you beautiful little guy!)

Speaking of beautiful! We're still a ways from being set up properly, we still have no idea which dog or dogs will be available then. I hope all the ones that are adopted before then go to the best of homes! We're still hoping for ours sooner than later...(I've got an extensive list of names going already, yeah!)

That's the gaze, folks. (Yes, girl, if I can adopt you, I'll love you forever, too!)

We're choosing carefully. We want a dog from a rescue organization or shelter, and are choosing among mixes of particular breeds that'll be happiest and best suited with us, and us with him or her.

I'm happy going back and seeing where any of these beautiful faces have been removed due to being adopted. And I'll be happy when it's us!

At any rate, I'm amazed there are so many dogs waiting. So many potential family and life companions. SO beautiful...

This search has gotten me very interested in some of the activities beyond farm dog that might be in our future together...therapy dog? search and rescue? agility?

Well, Farm Dog is the best job to have, eh?...or Robbyn's Constant Mind-Reading and Cold Wet Nose Companion.


Update: Our schedules have to stabilize before we can push further with our projects. The backyard is like a weedy jungle as our hours are long and irregular, I've been sick with the flu and ear infections, and blah blah blah. We expect good things to break any minute, as change seems to be our constant. God is, as always, very good to us!

I hope your July is going well!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I can't think of more lovely dreams to indulge in! May the realization of the dreams come sooner rather than later for you.

Sue said...

Good luck in trying to choose from all the wonderful dogs out there! Its an important decision, and one you'll be living with for a long time.
Choose wisely, grasshopper! :D

Anonymous said...
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jack-of-all-thumbs said...

I heartily agree with Sue in the earlier comment.

We have a pet cemetery in our orchard, both have grown through the years. There are seventeen graves, each framed in wood, with a cement marker bearing the name, and covered with annual and perennial flowers. Weeding the graves is a chance to remember dear friends from more than twenty years.


Robbyn said...

Michelle, too mee too! :)

Sue, I sure hope we make the right one :) Thanks, Sensai

Jack-O-A-T, ah to have lived somewhere to have our own pet cemetary. congratulations on you and your wife's impending 30th!!