Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm Hot, Baby!

Lookee what I just won over at Razor Family Farm's VERY FIRST giveaway...(thank you, Lacy!!)...I'm hot, baby, HOT!!

I've never won anything, EVER!

Hmmm, I wonder if I should go with this. Should I be purchasing my first ever lottery ticket, or betting on the horses? Going barefoot in the rainforest? Swimming near the pier where the tourists illegally feed the sharks?? Taste-testing day-old sushi? Wrassling a gator and putting footage of it on YouTube to make my small side- income on the internet?

Oh, the possibilities, ha!

Well, when you're hot, you're HOT...and this gal's about to get hotter by the minute... I'm going outside now in the 91 degree inferno to do whatever humans do in gardens as they feel themselves slowly melt down in that particular cauldron called Florida.

Maybe some Bermuda grass will meet its end in the process, and maybe some more horse poo mountains will get relocated via shovel and wheelbarrow. We'll see. I'm vascillating between garden empathy and heat lethargy, what with the weather climbing the 90s. Is this a tropical phenomenon, or am I just lazy?

Sometimes I find it all looks a bit rosier at a distance while sipping iced tea. And reading a good book..., perhaps, the book I just won, yay!! :)

I'm going now to make some iced tea and go out and take stock of all the To Do's, and maybe dance a gardening groove at least for a bit. In the heat. And drought.

Rain, please make it our way soon! It's nice being hot and all, but I'm not sure I really want to be able to fry eggs on my forehead



Christina said...

Congratulations! said...

Confession: when I started counting the comments down to find out just who lucky number nine would be -- I actually let out a little shriek of happiness when I saw your name!

I'm VERY fair with my contests but I can't help it if I'm excited when my friends win. :)

I know you'll love the book!


Sue said...

Congrats on winning! Buy that lottery ticket---------NOW!!

And sipping ice tea sounds MUCH better than working, given the temperatures down there.

Have a great time with the new book!

Robbyn said...

Christina, thanks! :)

Lacy, yayyyy, and thankyouthankyouthankyou! :)

Sue, y'know, I spent the better part of the day cleaning and cooking, and now it's late afternoon and I'm going to brave it, woo! the little greenies have to have some water or they'll croak, and I have to get out there or deal with the guilt, ha!

fullfreezer said...

I'll try to send you some of our rain if you send us some of your heat. Not too much, mind you, but it was only in the mid 60s here- another 10 degrees would be great.
Congrats on the win.

warren said...

Congrats...I think it was a mistake...she was supposed to give it to me, but if someone else had to win, I am happy for you!

Robbyn said...

Ok Judy, it's a deal! :)

Warren, I'll so enjoy your book! (heehee)

Annette said...

You are just too funny. =) frying eggs on one's forehead. hard to invision. =)

Jfklwn said...

"dance a gardening groove," I love it!

warren said...'re welcome

Robbyn said...

lol, Warren...sorry, teasing!