Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Second Giveaway

Something we experimented with early in our blogging years, and that we'll return to when our schedules are more predictable, are fermented foods.  Three types of fermented foods we enjoyed making ourselves were kombucha, kefir, and Caspian Sea yogurt.


Here's a post of ours from 2009 that tells a little about our kombucha-making.
There is much to be found online about brewing your own kombucha.  We eventually went to the continual process kombucha rather than the batch process.  It takes a few weeks to kickstart, and then about the second month you have a regular supply for enjoying.  It is a tea and sugar mix that is fermented by a "mushroom" (nickname, not truly a mushroom) called a Scoby, (read more here) to transform it into a highly probiotic drink.

We also tried making Kefir from a live starter, so we could try it as a great probiotic.  It is very easy to make with live starter culture ("grains") and milk.  Now we see kefir sold in the supermarket.  We enjoyed this best mixed with fruit and honey in a blender as a smoothie.

Caspian Sea Yogurt

This is a type of yogurt I first saw mentioned on a New Zealand homesteader's blog, unique in that it does not require anything but some starter, some milk, and being set out at room temperature for about 15 hours...that's it!  No heating or fuss.

My husband went NUTS for this.  At first, it seemed odd compared to traditional yogurt I'm used to...the texture is slick, pourable but with a fresh mozzarella-like slickness that's hard to explain.  Depending on how long you leave it out, the tartness will vary from super mild to super sour.  If left to sour too long, it will separate into whey and curdle.  It only takes a bit to use as starter for the next batch, and repeat, and so on.  Here's a back post of ours that mentions some of our Caspian Sea Yogurt making.


When we begin fermentation projects again, I will opt for the Caspian Sea Yogurt and Jack will request some continual brew containers of Kombucha be up and running...but we love all three fermented cultured products mentioned above.

Because these are unique to our "homestead" experimentation and something others already are trying or might like to experiment with, they are our next giveaway. . .


Pick your fermented fun!   If you'd like to begin making one of these 3 types of probiotics, we'll pay for the one you prefer!

The winner gets to choose one of the above fermented product starters (whichever one you most prefer)-- Kombucha "mushroom," Kefir live grains, or Caspian Sea Yogurt -- and try it for yourself...our gift!  We bought starters from The Happy Herbalist and were very happy with them.   The kombucha we were given as a gift (thanks, Maria!), but The Happy Herbalist has good starters, too.

**health disclaimer**  We take no responsibility for the health benefits or effects from any of these products.  Consult with your own health professional before consuming any food you have questions about.  

If you'd like to enter the drawing for one of these starter cultures, leave a comment and we'll get this going :)


Wendy said...

We're huge fans of fermenting ;).

I would love to be entered into the drawing for one of your starters. Either one. My girls love both yogurt and kefir, and I already know how healthy both are.

Deb said...

I'd love to try some Kifer, I'm just starting with Kombucha...while I'd love to get another scoby for added variety (I've heard you can get one from a more than one place and get different tastes out of them) I've been wanting to try Kifer too, so would proably go with that. :)

~rachel~ said...

Wow sea yogurt sounds pretty interesting! I have been wanting to get some kefir grains for a while now, but wasn't really sure where to look :) Thanks for the giveaway!

Michelle said...

I've always loved kefir, so I would choose that -- although the Caspian Sea yogurt sounds really intriguing!

Green Griffin said...

Let me at em! I love fermented anything. I have never tried Caspian Yogurt.